Computer Vision Care

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is the complex of eye and vision problems related to near work which are experienced because of computer use. CVS is characterized by visual symptoms which result from interaction with a computer display or its environment. In most cases, symptoms occur because the visual demands of the task exceed the visual abilities of the individual to comfortably perform the task.*

*American Optometric Association. Guide to the clinical aspects of computer vision syndrome. St. Louis: American Optometric Association, 1995:1.

The Relationship of Computer Vision Syndrome to Musculoskeletal Disorders

Many individuals who work at a computer video display terminal (VDT) report a high level of job-related complaints and symptoms, including ocular discomfort, muscular strain, and stress. Surveys of computer workers show that eye and vision problems are the most frequently reported health-related problems, generally occurring in 70 to 75 percent of computer workers.

The elements of working at a computer which make it visually demanding include frequent saccadic eye movements (ocular motility) and continuous eye focusing (accommodation) and alignment (vergence) demands.

Working at a computer is usually more demanding than doing other standard office work such as reading printed documents. The visual symptoms that occur from working at a computer are the result of repeatedly stressing some aspect of the eyes or visual system.

A lengthy period of time is required for the problems to develop and for the individual to recover. Although vision disorders may occur as localized fatigue and subside after discontinuance of work, they often return the next day when work is resumed.

Our office knows how debilitating visual and muscular symptoms can be from extended computer use. We prescribe the latest designed lenses that make working on the computer less stressful and difficult. Special lenses and coatings go a long way to making you more comfortable at work. With proper vision care and specific eye wear for the computer, you can become more productive and more comfortable in the work place.