Prescription Eyewear

Prescription eyewear has become an important fashion accessory. Many of our patients have a variety of lenses for seasonal, and wardrobe, changes. That’s why fashion designers consider eyewear a core part of their line. The good news is that there’s a style to fit every wearer, and every mood. We offer a vast array of options, at prices you can afford.

Our Varilux® lenses provide clarity in all fields of vision: near, far, and everything in between. These progressive lenses offer freedom from the distracting lines and image jumps that patients used to experience with bifocals.

All of our lenses are scratch protected and edge polished, and all are 100% guaranteed for accuracy, comfort and satisfaction. Because all of the work is done in our own lab, we can assure a hands-on, meticulous attention to detail. We know that the right lens is just as important as the frame shape, color, and size. We use the thinnest and lightest lens possible for each individual prescription.

Our opticians can add a variety of tints to your eyeglasses, and can turn them into sunglasses. We can also add ultraviolet protective coating to guard against damaging UV rays. Transitions® lenses are available in shatter-resistant material, and provide 100% automatic UV and glare protection. In addition the new Crizal® lenses help prevent reflection that causes eyestrain and fatigue, making vision clearer and free from disorienting glare.