Healthy Eyes

Here are some tips that can help the eyes of all computer users:

  • Take frequent breaks. OSHA recommends 15 minutes for every 45 at the computer.
  • Make a conscious effort to blink more. (Our blink rate decreases when we stare at the screen, causing our eyes to become dryer.)
  • Use a lubricating eye drop or tear replacement for dry or itchy eyes.
  • Make sure there is no glare on your screen. Relocate lamps, place blinds over windows, or invest in a glare reduction filter for your screen - one with the AOA seal of approval.
  • Clean your screen often; water and a clean cloth work fine.
  • Choose a light screen with dark letters because it is easiest on the eyes.
  • Locate your document holder as close to the screen as possible (screen and holder should be at the same distance from your eyes).
  • Adjust your screen so that it is 4-9 inches below eye-level, and 20-26 inches from your eyes.
  • When needed, special lenses and coatings specifically designed for computer use are available. Computer eyewear can make a big difference in productivity and accuracy of work, not to mention a significant decrease in sore necks, shoulders and back. Also, it is extremely important to know the height of the monitor and the distance the monitor is from your eyes so proper lenses can be prescribed.