Proper care of your eyes begins with regular scheduled visits to your eyecare professional. Since most vision-related problems are painless in nature, the only way to know if you are starting to develop a problem is through annual vision check-ups. We can also do much in our daily lives to help care for our eyes:

  1. Always wear good UV sun protection when outside, all year long.
  2. Eat well. It's not only good for your body, but also good for your eyes.
  3. When working on a computer, make sure the monitor is properly positioned slightly below the horizontal line of sight. Position the screen so it is free from glare. Take frequent breaks from the work station and relax your eyes by looking at out a window or down a long hallway. Also, use prescription eyewear that is specifically designed for your eyes and working distance.
  4. Take a good multi-purpose vitamin that contains anti-oxidants such as lutein.
  5. Always wear safety eye protection when working in the yard or in your shop, playing sports, or doing anything that could result in injury to your eyes.
  6. Make sure your eyewear is always well adjusted and fitting properly.

There are also many conditions that you can help treat and take care of at home, such as Blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelids. Home eyecare often means following a regimen of cleaning the eyes, applying warm compresses, and using specific medications.

Vision is too important to take for granted. Only through consistent and regular vision care can we maintain our precious gift of sight.