Our array of leading edge technology is extensive and ever-changing. We are committed to enhancing our practice with the finest, most up-to-date equipment available. As a result, our practice is known for its unsurpassed level of technological excellence.

For routine examinations, we use an auto-refractor to measure the corneal curvature and provide a precise measurement of your visual condition. This instrument aids us in more accurately determining the perfect prescription for each patient. We routinely use new-generation frequency doubling technology to screen for visual field defects such as glaucoma and neurological problems.

On a more specialized level, we utilize such instruments as a corneal topographer to make a map of the corneal curvature of the eye. It’s a valuable tool for fitting contact lenses, and it enables us to follow and diagnose changes in healthy and unhealthy corneas. Our Heidelberg Retinal Tomographer (HRT), again state-of-the-art, is used to diagnose and treat glaucoma. It analyzes the anatomy of the optic nerve head and detects changes over time. To diagnose glaucoma, neurological disease, stroke, and brain tumors, we find the Humphries Visual Field Analyzer to be invaluable.

In our finishing lab, our latest addition is a computer-controlled, precision lens edger. It provides unparalleled speed and accuracy in fabricating new eyewear.